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 About The Brand 

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It’s mid-summer and I’m in a romantic maze of a garden. The soft white roses are in bloom, the lavender is vibrantly dancing in the breeze, the water lilies are resting in the greek inspired fountains, the sunlight is glowing against my skin, everything is vastly green and vastly beautiful, and the aroma is nothing short of exquisite. I’m taking it all in and then... BOOM, there was me, sweating, and not just under my armpits, but everywhere (if you know what I mean). As the sweat began to pour my focus shifted from the beautiful garden to my B.O. I felt iky and self conscious, knowing my date would inevitably notice too. Another lovely date basking in the sun, ruined by my body odor. It was here in this beautiful garden I decided I would never again let body odor rain on my parade, that’s where Ahmi was born, in that beautiful topiary. Shortly after I brought my mother into the fold because two generations are better than one. Together we envisioned a company and community that would build on personal care traditions to keep every body fresh, beautiful, and confident in any space! 

This line of personal care is inspired by gardens and generations. These gentle products are plant-based, non-toxic, recyclable, and effective. So join our family and experience the epitome of true self-care, because you deserve nothing less.   

Ahmi For Sustainability 

As inhibitors and takers of the Earth, Ahmi realizes how important it is to be aware of it. This is why we strive to incorporate sustainability into our business practices. 

As we learn more we will continue to grow more in this area, and although we are not 100% eco-friendly our owners thought it very important to take steps in that direction. 

This is why you will find we use glass bottles for many of our products to offset the consumption and waste of plastic.  Also we avoid the use of toxic chemicals in the hopes of factories that manufacture said materials will slow down, release less toxic waste, and use less resources. These simple yet critical steps do worlds for our oceans, landfills, and air. 

We also source our ingredients ethically because well, it is just the right thing to do. Now that's quality!

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