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Doing Self-Care in Depression?

The mental health in this country is going to crap. We are always hustling, bombarded with negative news and opinions, and we won't even mention how high gas is getting. Depression is becoming a lot more common, whether it be for a week or for 5 months, that time can be pretty dark.

You may begin to isolate, avoid cleaning as much (if at all), and your skin-care routine is out the window, and because skin care is about consistency this hole you are in can cause skin issues.

We just wanted to write to you and say although the world can get a little chaotic be encouraged because the night doesn't last.

Here are 4 helpful tips to brighten up the days ahead.

  1. Good vibes only social media. Only follow pages with positive and uplifting messaging, and unfollow all those pages providing overwhelming news and unrealistic expectations.

  2. Push yourself to do small pieces of your usual self-care routine like, wash and change your sheets at least once a week ,wash your face in the mornings, and moisturize your body after a shower. Don't be hard on yourself that you aren't able to do your usual 15 step anti-aging skincare routine. These small steps will give you some sense of normalcy while also helping heal and prevent skin-issues, and in our experience when your skin is glowing it helps shift your mood.

  3. Journal out your worries and problems to acknowledge your feelings and then next to that write what you are grateful for, this can help shift perspective and have you feeling a little lighter (and maybe get crazy and invite over your bestie to do it with you).

  4. See a therapist to work through your traumas and emotions, because sometime we need a little help from the outside.

  5. Bonus Tip: And for all of our spiritual babes out there in addition to all 4 of the previous tips turn to God and the resources He has given you.

Peace and Love Babes, we are routing for you always!



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