Don't Forget Those Hands

Do you know what tells your age more than anything else on your body... if that little voice in your head said your hands, it'd be right. Here are two ways to keep your hands,soft,supple, and smooth throughout the decades.

1. Whatever you do to your face, do to your hands. All that left over serum you have on your hands after you finish with your face, simply rub the excess onto the outside of your hands, you are saving product, saving money, and stopping time. So basically a win, win, win.

2. Keep your hands moisturized. Especially with Covid-19 and the excessive use of drying hand-sanitizer (speaking from personal experience here) it is CRITICAL you slather your hands in moisturizer and then pop them into silicone gloves overnight. Here is a quick step by step on this one. Step 1: wash your hands and lightly dry, leaving some water remaining on your hands. Step 2. Pump a generous amount of our Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil on. Step 3: Slide those gloves on baby, drop that silk robe to the floor and crawl into bed. Do this at least 3-4 times a week and for the advanced EVERY NIGHT!