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Rituals From My Mother: CINDY JEAN

Bonjou, Cindy, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, well my name is Cindy Jean-Bennett but I go by Cindy Jean. I was born in Haiti and raised in the States. I love all things creative and have dedicated my time being a digital content curator and fashion enthusiast.

We love your look, could you tell us a little about your brand CINDY JEAN and why you started it?

Cindy Jean really started with me falling in love with the arts and I wanted to share my love and talent with the world so I took to instagram and youtube to build a community of people who appreciate aesthetics. I get so much joy from piecing outfits together and show the community how to live in style every day. As an extension of my creativity I have also started a magazine called Ultra Legacy Magazine. Right now the magazine is being revamped, and the newly launched magazine will focus on celebrating diversity and inclusion in the fashion realm, which is something I hold near and dear to my heart.

A part of fashion is skincare, and yours is absolutely beautiful! Could you share with us some generational secrets you practice to keep your skin glowing?

Why thank you. One thing my mom always taught me was to not overdo it on makeup. It’s good to let the skin breathe, because of that I barely wear makeup. To make sure I keep glowing I really really focus on the foundation of my skin. When you take care of the foundation of your skin your makeup will look so much better. Another thing my mother taught me was to keep my skincare as clean as possible. My routine consists of using goat milk and oatmeal soaps. One thing you won’t catch me without is a good scrub to exfoliate. I usually make my own sugar scrub and add in essential oils and other natural ingredients that benefit my skin type. Sometimes I will buy a good scrub (after I check the ingredients of course) to save me some time. Ohhh and I almost forgot… WEAR SUNSCREEN (no matter what skin tone you are)!

What has surprised you most about Ahmi products?

THEY SMELL GOOD! I like how they smell good but they are not overpowering, and I love that the intimate care line is fragrance free for sensitive areas.Plus they are toxic-free natural products, what more could you want!

Are there any products you think your hubby might dip in too?

Well, he has already dipped into the booty scrub (Go Nuts Booty Scrub) and he really likes it, so I guess that means I am going to have to get the bigger jar.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve received?

I would say the best advice I would give anyone when it comes to beauty is, work on your

skin before you work on anything else. Instead of trying to cover up problem areas with makeup, really get to the root of it with your skincare routine. I believe in introducing one or two new products to your regiment one at a time and keep it simple. Plus, DRINK WATER.