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Rituals From My Mother: The CEO

Hello I am Ryan E'lawn and I own Ahmi alongside my mother. Like many other women the women before me have taught me their beauty secrets and in this article I plan on spilling the tea. Firstly though let me tell you a little about me.

Ahmi is the absolute apple of my eye. With Ahmi I get to help women all around the world feel beautiful and safe in their own skin. I know that may sound a little vain but we as women are such a beguiling force to be reckoned with when we are comfortable and confident in our bodies. When we are comfortable we do not cower, we stand tall!

Now, while I won't be able to go down the list of lessons I have learned in one post, let's get to why we're really here... to talk about skincare. Growing up my mother and my grandmother were very minimal on skincare. They always kept it simple, and I of course followed suit. (p.s. that's why Ahmi products are made with simple and high quality ingredients, that make a world of difference). When I was young my grandmother's number one beauty rule was clean hands, she insisted that without clean hands beauty routines meant nothing, because you would quite literally be incorporating all of your hands germs into your skincare. Rule number 2 was to have a washcloth for your face, one for your body, and one for your feminine region. The very first step of skincare isn't even the product, you have to make sure your environment and tools are clean to keep clear skin.

Tips from my mother, moisturize. She's always used a light oil directly after her showers, and let me tell you it keeps you baby soft. Using body oil directly after your shower when you are a little damp will seal in the water and help keep your skin hydrated all day, I of course like the Golden Oil. Feminine health was also a top priority for her. She would tell me, "Make sure you get into the crevices good"(referring to the region between the vulva and inner thigh). That's why we created Rosie, our Feminine Cleanser, a PH balance soap specifically designed to freshen and keep your feminine flora intact.

Most of all what I have learned from these beautiful women over the years, the key to staying beautiful is to pay attention to your skin and adapt to its needs because just as your soul changes so does your skin.

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