4 Skincare Myths To Stop Believing

Skincare myths are floating all around this internet so let's clear a few of them up.

Now of course we are not Dr.'s but we do know a little something something about clean and effective skincare, and we always share what we know with family over here!

Myth #1 - It's Not Good To Change Your Routine

Skincare is about consistency and once you find a non-toxic regimen that works for you it is a good idea to stick with it. BUT...overtime and through the seasons your skin has different needs. So in the winter if you live in cool places it's best to add heavier and more moisturizing items into your skincare regimen and in the summer switch to more lightweight products.

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Tip #2 -I Don't Have To Worry About Anti-Aging in my 20's Face Oil Will Clog Pores

Lies! Now genetics may be in your favor but we like to stay proactive not reactive over here, and for good reason. Dermatologist recommend you start considering anti-aging treatment in your 20's (and that includes your hands because baby they age the fastest). Lucky for you Ahmi has clean simple anti-aging products you can use all over your body.

Did you know collagen, decrease by 1% each year once women turn 25 making you skin less lively.

Tip #3 - Face Oil Will Clog My Pores

Excess sebum, dirt, and bacteria are what actually clog your pores. The key to using a face oil is to get an organic, quality oil without the fillers. Next match the benefits of the oil to the needs of your face (just like your dating life) to make sure what the oil has to offer is what you need.

Tip #4 - Exfoliate Every Day

Just like those spicy margaritas at brunch, you can definitely over-do exfoliation. It's best to only exfoliate 2-3 times a week, keeping your skin clear and warding off premature aging by tugging at your skin every day.