Story Time: A Skin's Worse Nightmare

Now if you are anything like me, then you learned the hard way that HAIR can be a skin care routines arch nemesis, allow me to explain.

For context let me first start off saying, I am a fully fledged naturalista who uses a lot of products to do her hair, and often failed to put a scarf on in the evening. Because of this, I had breakout more often than I would have liked.

I would always think, " man, no matter how much I take care of my skin I still get these random breakouts". I frequently and frantically keep switching up my skincare routine thinking there was something wrong. By process of elimination, I discovered a big contributing factor was the products I used in my hair where getting all over my bed linens and clogging my pores, so it didn't matter how much I took care of my skin. I would still have breakouts.

I since have began to tie up my hair, (even though my bonnet occasionally slips off). The takeaway here is, wrapping up your hair at night with a beautiful scarf will help you get and maintain beautiful skin (and hair).