The History and Benefits of Gua Sha

One little stone can do a WHOLE LOT, this applies to life, especially when it comes to your beauty routine.

Gua Sha (pronounced Gwah-Shah) is an acient Chinese practice, widely used during the Ming Dynasty. The early practices of Gua Sha involved gently scrapping the skin with a spatula tool made from buffalo horns to massage and heal the body. Now the tool is commonly made from precious stones such as Jade, but it still works just as well as it did during the dynasty days.


The benefits of practicing Gua Sha are to relax muscle stiffness, relieve pain and tension, treat a handful of illnesses, improve blood circulation, and the skins condition. This technique can be used for the entire body, but let's focus on the benefits it has on your face.

Gua Sha is known as the Eastern Facelft, because that little stone knows how to snatch that face! When done consistently the practice helps to improve the fuction of the skin, reducing, deep lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation, dark undereye circles, puffy eyes, double-chin and more. It also increases the blood circulation, and sculpts the face.

Rules to Gua Sha

Rule #1 Use your Gua Sha Stone at a 15 degree angle (keeping it almost flat against you skin)

Rule #2 Use an oil to avoid excessive pulling on the skin (we recommend one of our plant oils)

Rule #3 Make sure you support your skin with the opposite hand and when doing your face ALWAYS follow through into the hairline

Rule #4 Clean your Gua Sha tool after each use (just like those makeup brushes)

We recommend you use it at least 3 times a week, but every day or twice a day (one time in the morning and one time at night) will yield ultimate resu